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Our apologies!  Web servers can no longer offer an electronic format where it can be trusted to deliver your information to us due to admitted breached server security issues.  Servers also cannot be trusted to reliably forward our customers request which is way too important to us.  To protect the integrity of our customers information we would ask that you either call us or click on the below listed link that acts as a guide to assemble good mixing information that will describe your mixing application.

Keep in mind that many just rather not use this forms because there are details on the form that may not be understood, or there are details that may not apply to your specific application where you end up waiting for details that have no real significance.  The form is a great reference document that points out specific mixing details that will help guide you through the process.  This might explain why most call us to review the application where we prompt you for the specific information that we need for your mixing application.  

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a stupid question ... there are only bad answers ... some worse than others.  We are here to answer your questions.  Our competent mixing staff is well versed in all mixing applications where if we cannot help you we can direct you to an organization that can solve your problem.  Consider us as a free reference source to solve your mixing applications efficiently and to your satisfaction.     

FORM: IPM's Quick-E-Quote

In using this form keep in mind that limited information typically results in delays.  Although the demand for a quick estimate, or better said, guesstimate, based upon limited information might serve a purpose, it rarely results in an actionable position from which you can act, or go forward for your organization.  The most important detail is to indicate what you are trying to accomplish.  For example, we are trying to mix magnesium hydroxide in a storage tank with these tank dimensions.  The attached document will assist you or will prompt you for key information.  Once this information is in our hands we'll contact you to fill-in the missing important details, answer your questions and get you to the point where you can make a viable decision to move forward in any way that you wish to go.  




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