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Industrial Portable Mixers
How often have you searched the internet for a product of superior quality that your organization needs only to hit a road block ... that does nothing more than to steal your time.  Most organizations have many layers and levels of a distribution channel that you must wade through in order to get the answers that you need.  Not only that, but each level, in that marketing channel, has an associated cost that adds to that bottom line.  To be direct, we were frustrated with having to deal with these long established processes and procedures, which has resulted in the IPM concept of ... BUYING MIXERS DIRECT.  

Our low cost designs are sold to end users, engineering firms, distributors, representative firms, both domestically and overseas for export.  If you need it ... we can either sell the mixers factory direct or provide an cost effective avenue for large value mixer projects.

So you might be thinking that we are just a simple catalog company, where you need to know the exact specifications to be able to take advantage of these unbelievable cost savings.  IPM is much much more.  A catalog company basically takes orders for the purchase of commodity items for which they collect a fee.  We, on the other hand apply engineering to every mixer that we ship, regardless of the mixers cost, or its present stock status ... and most important of all ... there are none of these related distribution channel fees.  

We work very closely with distributors and rep or representative firms to assist them is designing mixing systems for their customers.  With our 25 years of industrial mixing knowledge, we can support just about any mixing project or any concept conceived.  Many of these firms have been shut out by these established distribution channels, which typically offer protected territories, which prevent them from packaging their products with a quality mixer.  These products includes tanks, pumps, heat exchangers or chillers, etc.  

We began operation in 1994, with the concept of selling durable long lasting equipment for costs well below our competition.   

Industrial Portable Mixers is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of mixing equipment.  We maintain an expert staff of mixing specialists that are here to answer your questions about installing, maintaining and operating your mixing equipment.  We are committed to providing timely and affordable solutions to your mixing requirements.  We reject the use of "black-box, smoke & mirrors of mixing" by providing a complete specifications of quality mixer components.   


Industrial Portable Mixers 
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