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Calcium Hydroxide or Hydrated Lime Slurry Mixing Systems:
- 2,300 Gallon Make-Up (dry powder) or
- 4,200 gallon Storage

Base Mixer (Priced):

  Volume - Gallons Model  MaxShaft Length  US Dollars Each
Make-Up 2,303 AQO3X 75.1"  $4,860
Make-Up 2,303 AQP4X 108.6" $5,851
Storage 4,200 AQP4X 112.6" $5,914

All pricing in US dollars, FOB factory.


Motor Class F insulated, tropicalized, SF=1.15, chemical duty motor, 230/460 volt, 3 phase , 60 hertz. 


Pricing in Effect:

2,300 Gallon Hydrated Lime Calcium Hydroxide Make Up Tank.  Click here for larger image.A typical hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide slurry make-up tank for a water treatment system typically ranges in size from 200 to 2,500 gallons.  Pre-made hydrated lime portable storage tanks range up to 4,200 gallons.  The actual volume required is dependent upon either the plants processing requirements or upon delivery tipping charges for the pre-processed hydrated lime slurry. The smaller hydrated lime mixing applications are generally handled using low cost 350 RPM heavy duty single helical gear driven mixers like our model AQG.  Direct driven mixers have limited volumetric capacities in relation to mixing lime and are generally not used.

A vertical-on-tank-centerline mounting arrangement is indicated for the attached Hydrated Lime Mix Tank and is generally applied using quick lime or pebble lime mixing applications.  Vertical-on-tank-centerline using anti-swirl baffles is the best configuration for slurries and solid suspension applications.  An angular offset mounting arrangement, typically used when considering polyethylene and polypropylene tanks, can be applied to a hydrated lime storage tank however there are penalties applied for using this configuration.  When considering poly tanks a vertical-on-tank centerline adapting anti-swirl baffles is the best configuration for hydrated lime storage. 

Attached are two typical poly storage tanks configurations for make up of 2,300 gallons of hydrated lime from dry powder.   tank that presents an alternative low cost magnesium hydroxide storage tank option for your consideration.  Please note that poly tanks are available in all shapes and sizes where two mixer designs are presented for the 2,300 gallon make-up. The final decision may not only be based upon the cost of the mixer but may be controlled by tank shipping charges or floor space considerations for example.  The 4,200 gallon tank is typical for either permanent or portable hydrated lime storage. 

Design Basis:

  1. Maximum Specific Gravity = 1.37
  2. Viscosity Range = 500 centipoise
  3. Option 1: 2,500 Gallon Poly Make-Up Tank: Diameter = 95", SS = 75.75", Dome Top, OAH Tank= 89.5"; Norwesco.  OAH Mixer= 93.5".  Max Shaft Length = 75" FMB.
  4. Option 2: 2,500 Gallon Poly Make-Up Tank: Diameter = 84", SS = 106", Dome Top, OAH Tank = 123.5"; PolyProcessing.  OAH Mixer = 127.5".  Maximum Shaft Length = 108.6" FMB
  5. Option 3: 4,200 Gallon Poly Storage Tank: Diameter = 102", SS=116.7", Dome Top, OAH Tank = 131", Norwesco.  OAH Mixer = 129".  Mixer Shaft Length = 112.6"
  6. A vertical-on-tank-centerline mounting arrangement is used.
  7. Dual impellers to quickly overcome inherent dewatering & stratification.   
  8. Two (2) in-tank anti-swirl baffles are required located 180 degrees apart.
  9. 316D Stainless Steel mixer wetted parts with 316 Stainless Steel hardware.
  10. 230/460 Volt Power source.
  11. Mixer support bridge supplied by others.

Three Primary Equipment Design Options:
   1. All non-stainless components coated with two-part corrosion resistant epoxy paint.
   2.  A Non-Painted Mixer available in two configurations.  In lieu of investing cost into paint & its related labor, a marginal cost adder is invested into all corrosion resistant materials that is suitable for 95% plus of all mixing applications which includes stainless couplings & exposed hardware:
     Option A - Only the motor is provided with that manufacturers commercial grade paint.
     Option B - Use an all stainless steel wash down duty motor.

This mixers advantages are significant:

  1. Lowest continuous energy cost using both lower horsepower's & speeds. Maximum high flow capability impellers combined with lower horsepower, higher torque mixers maximize the available utility of the design.
  2. After investing in both paint & its labor, surface damage is inevitable during installation.  Also, the surfaces of precision surfaces such as couplings or oil seal areas cannot be painted, where common water vapor & heat will be the corrosive culprit in time.  Exposed painted surfaces in time will both flake & peel exposing steels to corrosion.  Paint chalking & discoloration is also common.  A corrosion resistant non-painted mixer is always a better overall long term investment.  
  3. Time & manpower costs are always an issue.  Contractors can be costly.  Lifting equipment is expensive.  Internal work teams must be scheduled & prioritized causing costly system delays & reacting to emergencies is always an expensive proposition.  Although installations typically include on-site erection equipment & labor force, unscheduled downtime is another mater where flexibility and options should always be considered.  Maintenance & operators prefer designs that feature light weight one-man gear boxes as future servicing of wearing elements (bearings, seals, gearing) will be required.  In many cases, the removable motor assembly divides the assembly into two light weight components.  Operators that are able to handle their own servicing requirements gives autonomy within a system resulting in immeasurable benefits.  
  4. Model AQP3/4X is a pedestal mounted mixer option locating the agitator shaft coupling above mounting surface which allows you to hang the shaft & impeller in place.  The lightweight one-man gearbox & motor component assemblies can then be easily removed for servicing.
  5. These are NOT throw-away-mixers.  The have a projected life of 11+ years {24 hour per day service life}.  These mixers are designed to be dusted off, repaired or rebuilt, and put right back into service.    
  6. Easy access lube points and oil servicing located above the mixers mounting surface.  External viewable Site glass to easily observe oil levels. 
  7. Equipped with flexible motor coupling to absorb inherent shock loads to protect the overall service life our super quiet gearing.  The motor coupling allows for quick removable, retrofit (new motor replacement) & reinstallation. 
  8. Engineering Mixer Specification.  

Complete Hydrated Lime Calcium Hydroxide designs for either a 2,300 gallon slurry make-up mixing application from powder or a 4,200 gallon slurry storage tank.  Includes engineering specifications, complete mixer pricing, tank drawing, mixer mounting orientation for waste water treatment systems.


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