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Model AQO3X - Micro FlocculatorIndustrial Portable Mixers (IPMs) manufactures a big-little flocculator.  It's big in that this mixer can handle a large mix tank and this mixer is little in that it can be scaled back for smaller tanks to achieve a low cost micro-flocculator.   Sometimes they are referred to as being mini-flocculators, micro-flocculators or just simply a small or little flocculators.   Not every flocculator requires a mixer for an 18' x 18'x 18' tall floc tank.  Most industrial waste treatment systems are relatively small tanks.  There are also many existing municipalities that require retrofit for older designs such as horizontal and vertical rake impeller designs.  Many of these have individual compartments that are 8' x 8' or 10' x 10' square or rectangular tanks.  These cases are not well suited for large flocclators but are better suited for micro & mini flocculators.  

These flocculator users want these small or little flocculators to be slow speed, so as not to break the floc.  They want them designed to handle an ample horsepower reserve to ensure that they will never overload.  They also want these flocculators to be designed for extended service life.  They want something that will last that can be rebuilt quickly years down the road and they want nothing to do with any throw away mixer design.  Most importantly of all, they want these flocculators to be inexpensive.  We have heard these concerns and our micro-flocculator is designed to meet these challenges.          

Flocculator Engineering Specifications

 Today's applications using industrial mixing equipment for coagulation, flocculation or flocculator mixing applications demand durable process equipment accompanied by the total support of  your mixing needs.   IPMs industrial mixers offers a complete line of double reduction Model AQD and right angle Model AQW top entering mixers.  Each mixer features Industrial Portable Mixer's renowned reputation for providing quality products.  We provide superior materials of construction throughout to give each mixer the strength & reliability that ensures the performance to the standards of each Industrial Portable Mixer design.

Design Features:

Motor - Industry standard, off-the-shelf.  NEMA electric or air motors are supplied with all Industrial Portable Mixer Model AQD & Model AQW mixers ensuring maximum reliability and ease of replacement.  

Drive - Gear (reduced) driven designs are available to achieve the exact speed that is required to adapt to the required process conditions.

Mounting options (open tank) - Fixed mounted flat plate and angle riser designs are available utilizing proper mixer orientation above the  open tank.       

Mounting options (closed tank) - Industrial Portable Mixers offers a broad range of closed tank options which include: hermetically sealed base-plate designs, standard low-pressure stuffing box, v-ring or lip seal, and a vast array of mechanical seal designs (single dry running,  double wet or dry running, pharmaceutical seals, etc.).  

Shaft Lengths - Industrial Portable Mixers can provide a number of shaft diameter and length options. The shaft can be designed to fit your application using rigid and removable flanged coupling designs.  

Impellers - IPMs mixing expertise includes the use of impeller designs for low shear (high flow) blending, slurry suspension (or make-down), gas dispersion, high shear dissolving and dispersing, close clearance collapsible designs, and viscous mixing.

Mixer Design 

IPMs industrial mixing equipment for coagulation, flocculation or flocculator mixing applications are  designed taking into account the cost of operation, the initial cost for the equipment, and its impact on your overall productivity.  It is for this reason that we rely on mixing specialist, not computers, to analyze and interpret your requirements and your mixing needs on your terms.  Don't be lulled by any computer program (GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out).  

Product Literature

IPMs mixing equipment product literature for coagulation, flocculation or flocculator mixing applications is available in Adobe PDF format.  An Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge to everyone,  is required to view (download) and/or print out  these documents.  Please be patient, as it may take some time to download these documents.  If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may retrieve it by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Icon below.   


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